‘I write songs that I believe in. I hope that the lyrics reflect some sort of honesty from my own experience in life. I’m not trying to fool anyone. Except myself; maybe.’ – Junior Johnson

(c) Paul Kavanagh (2014)

Picture courtesy of the very kind Paul Kavanagh (c) (2014)

Following his highly acclaimed 2nd EP ‘Stoned, Ripped, Twisted. Good People’ Junior is focusing on getting his first album finished completed in 2015 and hitting the road.

Junior has shared the stage with the likes of Shane MacGowan, Frankie Miller’s Full House Band and has graced the Eagle’s Rock Tent at Glasgowbury for three consecutive years, gigging extensively all over in between including performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. He has opened on more than one occasion for Andy Irvine, and John Bramwell of IAMKLOOT has invited him for a follow up gig.

After hearing Junior’s 1st EP Strata Corneum Consulo Mountain Dreams and watching him perform live this is what Shane MacGowan had to say:
‘…genius, I should break your f*@#~%g hands!’ –

‘…genius, I should break your f*@#~%g hands!’ – Shane MacGowan

‘…genius, I should break your f*@#~%g hands!’ – Shane MacGowan

In 2006, Junior was honoured with the title of L.A. Music Awards Folk Artist of the year for his song, The Fireside. This highly coveted acknowledgment was an achievement to further echo Junior’s raw talent as a solo artist.

Since he was first played on BBC Radio in July 2005, Junior has received continued support from both regional and international stations and you can hear his music on anything from BBC Radio Ulster shows, the world’s largest webcast, Fame Games, to some college radio stations in Rhode Island, USA and Vancouver, Canada.

‘I couldn’t do a best of 2009 without including the stunning Ballad of Glasgowbury, what an absolutely staggering song it is.’

– Stephen McCauley, Electric Mainline BBC



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'I write songs that I believe in'


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